onsdag, september 17, 2014


Kalifatets offensiv mot Europa

Det jihadistiska Kalifatet närmar sig
Jihadisternas organisationer är redan
väl förankrade i bl a Danmark.
Hur illa är läget ?
Enligt SÄPO:s väldigt försiktiga skattningar
har över 80 jihadister rest ut från Sverige
till Syrien/Irak. Minst 20 dött i strid och
omkring 30 återvänt.
Trettio tidsinställda bomber mot det
svenska samhället...

Kan man dra några slutsatser från de betydligt
bättre kartlagda danska jihadisterna bör man
räkna med att det är en blandning av araber,
oftast från kriminella shariagäng i Bergsjön,
Rosengård, Rinkeby och liknande storstadsslum,
och relativt nyomvända svenska konvertiter...

The Long War Journal gjorde nyligen en
kartläggning av Kalifatet (ISIS) aktiviteter
sedan 2013 riktade mot Västerlandet.

Här är ett utdrag om offensiven i Europa:

Belgium: On May 30, police arrested Mehdi Nemmouche, 29, a French national and ex-convict who traveled to Syria in January 2013 and is suspected of carrying out the May 24 shooting attack at a Jewish museum in Brussels that killed three people and severely injured a fourth victim. He was detained in Marseille while traveling from Amsterdam via Brussels. In his possession was an ISIS flag, a Kalashnikov, a handgun, and a video in which he claimed the Brussels attack. He is thought to have returned from Syria in March after fighting with the ISIS, and to have had an accomplice. He was already known to French intelligence at the time of the attack. In late June, France extradited him to Belgium.

Bosnia: On Sept. 3, security forces conducted 17 raids across the country, arresting 16 people accused of financing, recruiting for, and fighting for radical groups in Syria and Iraq. Some of the several hundred Bosnians who headed to Syria earlier are thought to be now fighting in Iraq with the Islamic State. In late August, Bosnian intelligence estimated that some 150 Bosnians were fighting with Islamist groups in Syria and Iraq.

Denmark: In early September, police arrested the president of the Copenhagen-based Islamic charity Humanitarian Hearts (De Humanitære Hjerter) for supporting the Islamic State, and also detained two women involved in the organization's work. The main suspect, said to be a Libyan-born stateless person, is accused of collecting money for the IS. Fadi Abdallah, a spokesperson for the terrorism-linked Grimhøj Mosque in Aarhus, said that the mosque "cannot help but support the IS" and that he "understand[s] why they are killing people." Denmark is said to rank behind only Belgium among Western countries in having the highest per capita number of nationals fighting in Syria.
In June, authorities issued arrest warrants for four men, including two Danish speakers, who appeared in an August 2013 video from Syria in which they targeted effigies of former secret agent Morten Storm, free speech advocate Lars Hedegaard, politician Naser Khader, the imam Ahmed Akkari, former prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, and cartoonist Kurt Westergaard. Abu Sa'ad, a Danish suicide bomber, reportedly carried out an attack for the ISIS in Mosul, Iraq on May 20. Danish intelligence says that 100 people have left Denmark to fight in Syria, and many have returned, but so far none have been prosecuted.
In February 2013, it was reported that former Guantanamo detainee Slimane Hadj Abderrahmane had been killed fighting in Syria; a group named Islamisk Budskab in Denmark, which was linked to ISIS predecessor al Qaeda in Iraq, celebrated his martyrdom and set up a bank account for donations to support Abderrahmane's wife and two daughters.

France: In late August, French authorities arrested ISIS operative Fayez Boushran, who holds dual French and Moroccan citizenship, on his return to France, after prompting by Lebanese security officials. Boushan had confessed to arriving in Beirut in June for an ISIS bomb plot in Lebanon along with another would-be suicide bomber who was originally from the Comoros Islands.
On Aug. 20, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius warned that the Islamic State's ambitions extend beyond the Middle East, and said France wants the UN Security Council nations as well as countries in the region to join the fight against the Islamic State. President Francois Hollande said the world security situation was at its gravest since 2001, and called for an international conference that pools military and intelligence resources to come up with "a global strategy" to address the Islamic State's terrorism.
On Aug. 13, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said nearly 900 French citizens have traveled to Iraq or Syria to fight, and that some of them have joined the Islamic State.
In April, the Defense Ministry denied a report that the government paid a ransom of $18 million for the release of four French journalists who were were kidnapped in Syria by the ISIS in June 2013. According to the report, Defense Minister LeDrian took the ransom money to Ankara, where Turkish secret services helped transfer it to the kidnappers.

Germany: On Sept. 2, Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that the Islamic State now controls an area half the size of Germany, and said the terror group is causing "the far-reaching destabilization of an entire region [which] affects Germany and Europe." Defending Germany's decision to send arms to Kurdish fighters in Iraq battling the Islamic State, she also said the more than 400 Germans who have joined the ranks of the IS present a direct threat to Germany. Some 20 former German soldiers are known to have joined jihadist groups in Iraq and Syria. The head of Germany's domestic intelligence agency said the Islamic State's brutality has made it "much more attractive" to radicalized German Muslims than the Al Nusrah Front, al Qaeda's branch in Syria.
On June 25, authorities charged Kreshnik B., a German citizen from Frankfurt am Main, with membership in the ISIS. Following his return from Syria, he was arrested on suspicion of planning attacks. Authorities were investigating the German Brigade of Millatu Ibrahim, whose leader, Denis Cuspert a.k.a. Deso Dogg a.k.a. Abu Talha al-Almani, is now fighting for ISIS. Interior Minister de Maiziere recently expressed concern that Islamists from Germany are cooperating with ISIS in Iraq as well as in Syria.
On June 5, a Lebanese man identified as Ismail I. was charged with membership in a terrorist organization after returning from fighting with ISIS in Syria; his brother Ezzeddine I. and a German identified as Mohammad Sobhan A. were charged with supporting a terrorist organization. At the time of his arrest, Ismail was on his way back to Syria with money, military equipment, and medicine that he had obtained with the help of the other two men. He had allegedly been sent back to Germany by ISIS to procure money and supplies for the group.

Kosovo: On the night of Aug. 10-11, police carried out some 60 raids across the country in a crackdown on Islamic extremists, arresting 40 men suspected of either fighting for, or supporting, the Islamic State or the Al Nusrah Front. Makeshift mosques were raided and weapons, ammunition, electronic equipment, and explosives were confiscated.

Luxembourg: In July, Luxembourg police working with Spanish counterterrorism authorities arrested Belgian national Abou Nouh a.k.a. Davide De Angelis, a former jihadist in Syria who served as a facilitator for an ISIS recruiting network that funneled fighters to Syria and Mali.

Norway: In late August, authorities refused to comment on a report that the July 24 terror alert was triggered by warnings that four Islamic State operatives were on their way to Norway via Greece to commit a major attack. Authorities reportedly said that two Norwegians answer directly to IS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi; one is Bastian Vasquez, of Skien, and the other is of African origin and lived in Boerum.
On July 24, security police warned of a "credible" threat of an imminent terrorist attack against targets in Norway by people connected with Islamic extremists in Syria. The attack was reportedly planned in Europe. Security measures were stepped up, and both the City Hall and the Royal Palace in Oslo were closed to tourists.
On May 27, police arrested a Somali and two Kosovans, all Norwegian citizens residing in Oslo, suspected of supporting the ISIS. The two Kosovans are brothers who reportedly fought in Syria and had a brother who died there. At least 50 Norwegians were thought to have traveled to Syria for jihad, and seven have died there, all fighting for the ISIS.
In early May, Albanian and Norwegian media noted the death in Syria of Egzon Avdyli, an ethnic Kosovan from Norway killed while fighting for ISIS. Avdyli, a former spokesman for the Norwegian radical Islamist group Prophet's Ummah, reportedly left Norway for Syria early this year. Avdyli had encouraged young people to travel to Syria for jihad and also "supported the establishment of an Islamic state in Norway or other Western countries." Norwegian intelligence said it considered the danger of jihadists returning from Syria to be the most significant terror threat to Norway. [See Threat Matrix report, Norwegian Islamist who fought for ISIS killed in Syria.]
In February, Norwegian intelligence warned that at least 40 or 50 Norwegians, including about a dozen women, were known to have traveled to Syria to fight and that they have most often joined extremist groups such as the ISIS.

Spain: In July, authorities said at least 35 Spaniards are estimated to have joined the ranks of rebel fighters in Syria, and most are thought to have joined the Islamic State.
On April 30, Spanish security forces working with French police arrested Abdelmalek Tanem, an Algerian national who also has French citizenship, in Almeria. He had recently returned from Syria, where he worked as a facilitator along the Turkish border, integrating European jihadists into the ISIS and the Al Nusrah Front.
In mid-March, Spanish and Moroccan authorities targeting an al Qaeda recruiting network arrested four suspected members in Spain and three in Morocco. The network, whose activities extend to Morocco, Belgium, France, Tunisia, Turkey, Libya, Mali, Indonesia, and Syria, is headed by Melilla resident Mustafa Maya Amaya, who funneled recruits to the ISIS, the Al Nusrah Front, and al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. Some of the suspects arrested in the operation had returned home after going to conflict zones such as Syria; and in January, a suspected jihadist returning from Syria was arrested in Malaga as a potential "threat to national security," CNN reported.

Sweden: On Aug. 13, Sweden's intelligence service was said to be investigating reports that during a TV interview, an Islamic State supporter from Sweden named Sheikh Ahmed threatened violence in the country and war against Sweden and Europe. An estimated 80 Swedes are said to be fighting for rebel groups in Syria.
In May 2013, a government report said there are currently at least 30 Swedish nationals fighting with "groups similar to al Qaeda" in Syria. The report called Sweden "far behind" other EU countries in preventing militant Islamism, and recommended that travel abroad for terror training be outlawed. The report said while Germany has a program for former jihadists, not one Swedish jihadist is thought to have defected from that ideology.

United Kingdom: On Sept. 4, Prime Minister David Cameron said that the Islamic State presents a direct threat to the UK, noting IS-inspired attacks in Europe. He did not rule out launching airstrikes against the group in Syria, and said the UK did not need permission to do so from Syrian President Bashar al Assad. He indicated that UK authorities are in contact with the Islamic State kidnappers of a British hostage but reiterated the government's stance against paying ransoms.
On Aug. 21, it was reported that Khadijah Dare, 22, a Lewisham woman married to a Swedish IS fighter who calls himself Abu Bakr, had vowed to become the first woman to behead a British or US prisoner; she is thought to be in Syria with her husband and young son. Brustchom Ziamani, 19, a Congolese convert to Islam, was arrested in Camberwell on Aug. 19 while carrying a bag with a hammer and a knife wrapped in an Islamic flag; he has been charged with preparing terrorist acts. The suspect had said he intended to commit a Lee Rigby-type attack on UK military or government personnel.
On Aug. 20, Foreign Secretary Hammond said the Islamic State jihadist whose videotaped murder of US journalist James Foley was filmed appears to be British, and warned that "there are a significant number of British nationals in Syria and Iraq operating with extremist organisations" and accordingly that the Islamic State presents "a direct threat to the UK's national security."
On Aug. 14, Scotland Yard chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said about half of the estimated 500 British jihadists in Syria and Iraq are from London, and warned that the task of addressing the threat posed by their return to the UK should not be underestimated. UK jihadist Nasser Muthana, an Islamic State fighter, posted photos of IEDs he made in Syria on social media. British police are investigating the distribution of leaflets on London's Oxford Street urging Muslims to pledge allegiance to the Islamic State.
In late July, British ambassador Peter Westmacott warned that among the 70 UK jihadists arrested after returning to Britain, a number were carrying "very specific" instructions for terrorist missions in the UK. British intelligence said it was close to identifying the Islamic State jihadist who beheaded American journalist James Foley; among those being investigated is UK rapper-turned-jihadist Abdel Majed Abdel Bary.
In June, an ISIS recruitment video surfaced featuring three Britons and two Australians calling for Westerners to come to Iraq and Syria for jihad. MI5 made tracking British jihadists in Syria its top priority. The counterterrorism chief for the Kurdistan Regional Government said ISIS would likely use its surviving British jihadists to mount attacks against the UK; he also claimed that KRG intelligence told the US and Iraq in January that ISIS was planning to seize Mosul and advance on Baghdad but the warnings were ignored.
On May 20, Mashudur Choudhury, 31, became the first Briton convicted of a Syria-related terrorism crime. The former youth worker at a Portsmouth mosque had traveled to Syria in October with four other men to join the ISIS, and was detained upon his return.
In February, British authorities were said to be "closely monitoring" some 250 British jihadists who have fought in Syria and returned home. A British fighter with the ISIS in Syria appeared in a YouTube clip warning aspiring British jihadists of the difficulties of the battle zone. Earlier that month, a British jihadist of Afghan origin called Abu Layth was reported killed while fighting for the ISIS in clashes with rebels; he is said to be the seventh British jihadist killed in Syria.
In January, a Syrian defector from the ISIS said the terror group is training British, European, and American recruits to conduct terror attacks in their home countries. Some 500 British fighters were believed to have traveled to Syria, and about 50 were thought to have already returned home. Jihadists in Syria seeking to return to their home countries are reportedly funneled through al Qaeda safe houses in Turkey.
In December 2013, family members said that well-known British jihadist Ifthekar Jaman a.k.a. Abu Aburahman died in Syria while fighting alongside the ISIS.

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måndag, september 15, 2014


Kalifatet sprider sig till Europa

Det bloddrypande Kalifatet i Syrien/Irak
(enligt Bildt "legitima företrädare för det syriska folket")
håller på att etablera stödjepunkter i Europa.
En del av de minst 12.000 utländska jihadisterna
har återvänt "hem" och startat lokala jihadistgrupper.
Den mest aktiva och snabbast växande kallar sig
Millatu Ibrahim
med centrum i Tyskland.

Kollegan Uriasposten kunde häromdagen avslöja
att Millatu Ibrahim bildat en avdelning i Danmark.
Det var kvällstidningen Ekstra Bladet som slog larm
om terroristgruppen, till stor del bestående av de
över 50 hemvända jihadisterna.
Syrienblog har ett fotogalleri på en en del av
Då de "danska" jihadisterna i Syrien till stor
rekryterats från Köpenhamns gravt kriminella
shariagäng, förstår man att säkerhetspolisen
tar hotet på allvar.

"I dag kan Ekstra Bladet så afsløre, at en ny islamisk
jihad-bevægelse med stærk inspiration fra IS har
etableret sig i Danmark. Gruppen hedder Millatu Ibrahim,
den er forbudt i Tyskland, tæller flere terrordømte
 og har tilhængere, som er højtstående medlemmer i IS.

Den danske afdeling blev ifølge Ekstra Bladets kilder dannet i
sommer og samler nogle af landets mest hardcore islamiske
 fundamentalister. Flere med kamperfaring fra Syrien og Irak."

"Ifølge Ekstra Bladets oplysninger blev den danske afdeling
af Millatu Ibrahim stiftet omkring Vejle, og på billeder
fra mødet optræder omkring 30 mænd, de fleste
 med kjortel og langt skæg, som understreger deres
tro på Allah ved at pege op i himlen med én finger.
Flere af dem er kendte ansigter i de yderligtgående
islamistiske miljøer i København, Aarhus, Odense,
Vejle og Aalborg…"

Här är den danska avdelningens första video.
Om ni har svårt att förstå jihadistens predikan,
så beror det på att han talar omväxlande
arabiska och (bruten) danska...
Den gamla regeln:
Idag i Köpenhamn, imorgon i Malmö 
kommer säkert att gälla även denna gången...

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söndag, september 14, 2014


Ännu en antisemitisk pamflett i Malmö

Så här på valdagen.
En artikel från alltid läsvärde Paul Widén i Jerusalem
om en antisemitisk kommunistisk pamflett som delas
ut på Rosengård i det olyckliga Malmö.
Kommunisterna försöker ännu en gång kapa
Muslimska  Brödraskapets talrika
anhängare  från (s)....
”Befria Palestina”. Så står det på en av Vänsterpartiets pamfletter som delas ut i Rosengård i Malmö. Väljare uppmanas att lägga sin röst på Vänsterpartiet eftersom partiet ”arbetar i solidaritet med Palestina”. Bland annat kräver man att blockaden av Gaza ska hävas, att en halv miljon judar ska fördrivas från sina hem på Västbanken och att barriären som förhindrar terroristinfiltrationer längs med gränsen till Västbanken omedelbart ska rivas. Vidare förespråkar man en suspendering av EU:s handelsavtal med Israel, total politisk, ekonomisk, kulturell och vetenskaplig isolering av Israel, samt en suspendering av Sveriges diplomatiska relationer med Israel. Slutligen förespråkar man att Israel ska tvingas till förhandlingsbordet. ”Vänsterpartiet arbetar i samarbete med Palestinianätverket, palestinska och arabiska grupper i Malmö tills Palestina är befriat” står det i fet stil längst ner på pamflettens ! första sida.
Därefter följer en intervju med svenskpalestiniern Ahmed Samir. Trots att det förmodligen inte går att hitta en enda ledande svensk politiker som inte vid upprepade tillfällen har uttalat sig om konflikten mellan Israel och palestinierna de senaste månaderna är han ”förbannad, förtvivlad och frustrerad” över det han beskriver som ”svenska politikers tystnad”. Det är bara Vänsterpartiet som är okej. ”Vänsterpartiet är som en mor för oss palestinier. Vänstern ställer alltid upp för oss” förklarar han. Däremot är han ”chockad” över att socialdemokraternas partiledare Stefan Löfven i somras visade förståelse för att Israel försvarade sig efter att landet utsattes för massiv raketbeskjutning och över en miljon medborgare tvingades ner i skyddsrum.
Vänsterpartiets besinningslösta hat mot Israel är förstås inte särskilt förvånande. Att historieförfalskare som inte kan stava och knappt kan konstruera en sammanhängande mening producerar deras valpropaganda förtjänar inte heller några höjda ögonbryn, men det är alltid roande att påpeka de mer iögonfallande klavertrampen. Ta till exempel följande påstående: ”Fram till idag har över 400 palestinier mördats varav 350 är barn och 80% civila” (materialet har alltså inte uppdaterats sedan judarna mördade ytterligare typ 1600 palestinier). Men hur mycket är 80% av 400? 320. Betyder det alltså att 30 av de ”mördade” barnen inte var civila? Hur menar egentligen Vänsterpartiet?
Det som däremot är värt att påpekas är att Vänsterpartiets propaganda är identisk med den politiska retoriken som har präglat Mellanöstern sedan 1948. Att utlova ”befrielsen av Palestina” har nämligen visat sig vara ett effektivt sätt att utnyttja allmänhetens judefientliga attityder och distrahera medborgarna från ländernas interna ekonomiska och sociala missförhållanden.
Rosengård är som bekant en del av Malmö som präglas av arbetslöshet, kriminalitet och utanförskap. Stadsdelen har blivit en symbol för misslyckad integrationspolitik. Malmö i sig är en stad som har fått stor internationell uppmärksamhet för den alarmerande frekvensen av hatbrott mot stadens judiska befolkning. Man kan därför tycka att Malmös lokalpolitiker borde satsa på integration, utbildning, tillväxt och jobb för att försöka vända utvecklingen. Å andra sidan måste man kanske ha en viss förståelse för att Vänsterpartiet istället väljer att utnyttja kombinationen av judehat och djupt socialt och ekonomiskt missnöje genom att locka väljarna med ”befrielsen av Palestina”. Det är trots allt ett väl beprövat och effektivt sätt att tillförsäkra sig politiskt makt i sådana miljöer.
Paul Widen

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lördag, september 13, 2014


Kalifatet - snart din granne... (del 5)

Kalifatet brer ut sig alltmera och har
redan utplånat gränsen mellen Syrien och
Irak. Och grannländerna står på tur...
I dag kontrollerar kalifatet redan delar av
gränsområdena mot Israel och Jordanien.

Jihadisterna tiger inte om att slutmålet är
ett islamistiskt Europa...

VICE News serie om livet i kalifatet Islamiska Staten
i Syrien och Irak har visats i fem avsnitt på denna blogg.

Glöm inte detta 14 september !

Kalifatet är snart din granne...

Svensken - underkastad eller död

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torsdag, september 11, 2014


Vad händer i det första Kalifatet: De kristna (Del 4)

Sharian föreskriver att en otroende i ett
muslimskt land bara kan välja på omvändelse,
underkastelse (bl a genom straffskatt) eller döden.
De stora kristna minoriteterna i Syrien och
Irak upplever just nu detta.
De flesta flyr för sina liv.

VICE News serie om livet i kalifatet Islamiska Staten
i Syrien och Irak visas i fem avsnitt på denna blogg.

Glöm inte detta 14 september !

Kalifatet är snart din granne...

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tisdag, september 09, 2014


Vad händer i det första Kalifatet: Sharia (Del 3)

I det nya kalifatet genomsyrar sharialagen allt
liv. Utvecklingen har vridits 1.400 år bakåt...
Det är samma öde som väntar Europa när
islamiseringen fullbordats.
Glöm inte det i valbåset....

VICE News serie om livet i kalifatet Islamiska Staten
i Syrien och Irak visas i fem avsnitt på denna blogg.

Glöm inte detta 14 september !

Kalifatet är snart din granne...

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fredag, september 05, 2014


Hatbrott i London: Konvertit halalslaktar mormor

En engelsk mormor (82) halshoggs i sin
egen tradgard av en ung islamist.
Den konverterade islamisten hade inspirerats av
Kalifatets filmade halshuggningar nyligen.

Catering worker Freda Odame, 30, who saw the man, said: ‘He had a big curved knife, about the size of an arm’s length, and he was crouching as if frantically searching for something.
‘He had a crazed look in his eyes so I closed my curtains because I was scared. He was a black man, about 25 to 30, wearing all black, black T-shirt and jeans, about 5ft 10in.
 Witness said the suspect was well-known locally and nicknamed 'Fat Nick'

Daily Mail

Daily Telegraph

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Vad händer i det första Kalifatet: Barnen (Del 2)

Kalifatet arbetar hårt för att indoktrinera
barnen i den onde profetens lära.
Så får man fram morgondagens soldater,
de som ska sprida jihad över Europa.
VICE News serie om livet i kalifatet Islamiska Staten
i Syrien och Irak visas i fem avsnitt på denna blogg.

Glöm inte detta 14 september !

Kalifatet är snart din granne...

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tisdag, september 02, 2014


Vad händer i det första kalifatet ? (Del 1)

Den nya nyhetsbyrån VICE News har
gjort en uppmärksammad serie reportage
från livet i det första islamistiska Kalifatet 
på nästan ett århundrade.
Kalifatet Islamiska Staten breder snabbt ut sig
 över Syrien och Irak, medan det enda effektiva
motståndet kommer från den kurdiska mini-statens
trupper och iranskkontrollerade shia-milisgrupper.
Reportaget börjar i kalifatets nya huvudstad
Raqqa i Syrien. 
Reportaget visas i totalt fem avsnitt, som
jag kommer att lägga ut efterhand den
närmaste tiden.

Glöm inte:
Jihadisterna tiger inte om att slutmålet
 är ett islamistiskt Europa.

Kalifatet är snart din granne...
 Svensken - underkastad eller död

 Glöm inte detta 14 september !

Vilka partier har upptäckt hotet och
är intresserade av att motverka det ?

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söndag, augusti 31, 2014


Patriarkernas motstånd mot Kalifatet

Det var en historisk händelse när fem patriarker
från de ortodoxa och katolska kyrkorna i Mellan-
östern nyligen samlades i Erbil i Kurdistan för
att fördöma det nyutropade kalifatet IS och
dess våldsdåd mot kristna och andra minoriteter
 i Irak och Syrien.
Det var också ett moraliskt stöd för de tiotusentals
flyktingarna från de  islamistockuperade områdena.

Samtidigt publicerade Hammurabi Human Rights
Organization en ny rapport om situationen i de
ockuperade områdena.
Ett kort utdrag:
  • New families are appearing in many of Mosul's neighborhoods. ISIS are bringing Iraqi and non-Iraqi families from other cities and towns and placing them in the empty homes of the Christians, Yazidis, Shabaks and Turkoman.
  • There is a transfer of bodies in open cars every morning in Mosul, indicating a campaign to cleanse certain groups from the city. There is a high probability of the existence of mass graves for the bodies of citizens who are executed.
  • A large, crowded market has sprung up, and it is cynically called "Daash Market." There is much furniture and household items for sale, as well antiques, old cultural heritage goods and a large selection of mobile phones. All of the merchandise is stolen from homes abandoned by fleeing residents.
  • Families continue to suffer from lack of official documents after ISIS stripped them of everything. HHRO has appealed to the government to facilitate the issuance of new documents.
  • Concern is escalating among the refugees that they will not return to their homes before winter. Nearly all of the refugees do not have winter clothing to protect them from the cold and snow.
  • A number of women and girls who had been sold by ISIS were able to escape and some of them have arrived in the city of Dohuk. ISIS has abducted hundreds of women and girls and sold them in Mosul and in the Syrian city of Raqqa.
  • Many suicides have been recorded among the refugees, especially among the ones who were stranded in remote areas and who lacked food, water and shelter. HHRO confirmed the suicide of a Yazidi in Dohuk on August 29.

  • See all HHRO reports.
    Corriere della Sera har talat med flyktingarna i Erbil:
    (tips och översättning: document.no)
    En gruppe ungdommer gav uttrykk for lignende tanker under statsminister
    Matteo Renzis besøk noen dager i forveien:
    «Det internasjonale samfunnet i lederne for den lokale kirken vil helst at vi blir i Irak. Men vi vil ha visum til Europa. Vi har fått nok av araberne, vi har fått nok av islam! De dreper oss, de tar kvinnene våre, de plyndrer husene våre. Her vil vi ikke lenger være,» sa de nettopp idet Renzi snakket om en «irakisk løsning» for de kristne flyktningene forfulgt av «kalifatets» ekstremister. Dette var den 20. august. Nå er spørsmålet blitt enda mer presserende. Skal de bli igjen, med den nye sikkerhetssituasjonens garantier og det internasjonale samfunnets inngripen, eller skal de snarest dra sin vei for alltid?
    Blant de nesten 500 flyktningene på den videregående skolen i Einkawas kristne bydel, er det en overvekt av dem som sier de vil emigrere. «De har plassert oss på disse skolene. Men det er en midlertidig innkvartering. Om ikke lenge begynner undervisningen igjen, og da vil vi bli flyttet igjen. Hvor? I FN-teltene, med varmen i øyeblikket og kulden til vinteren, i skitt og gjørme? Aldri. Heller dø. Snart blir vi fattigfolk som savner alt,» utbryter blant flere andre den 26 år gamle Michel Ben Am fra Qaraqosh.

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    lördag, augusti 30, 2014


    Ännu ett Kalifat utropat

    Alla rättroende muslimer firar idag att
    världens andra Kalifat utropats
    Det är terrorgruppen Boko Haram som
    utropat det i den stora del av Nigeria,
    som de redan erövrat.
    Och planerna tycks vara en stor del
    av Västafrika.
    Efter minst 10.000 mördade "otroende",
    en mängd kidnappade kristna barn och
    stora framgångar mot nigerianska armén
    var det nu tid...
    Här är deras officiella tillkännagivande

    (Det är ett långt tal, tråkigt som en svensk valdebatt,
    men från minut 24 visas exempel på kalifatets
    framgångar i strid)
    Just nu flyr nigerianska trupper över gränsen till
    Kamerun efter stora förluster i striderna mot
    det afrikanska kalifatet.
    Nigerianska armén ansågs tidigare vara en av
    Afrikas mest välutbildade och stridsvana
    Daniel Pipes har en utmärkt artikel om kalifaten
    med lite historisk bakgrund till själva institutionen:
    Kalifatet medför trauma
    (översättning till svenska: Ilya Meyer)

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    söndag, augusti 24, 2014


    IDF eliminerar Hamas terrorbankir

    En välriktad robot från IDF eliminerade på söndagen
    Hamas ledande bankir Mohammed Talat al-Ghoul,
    som var ansvarig för alla terrorgruppens utländska
    Al-Ghouls bil tycks ha varit fylld med dollarsedlar
    som till gazanernas stora glädje spreds över
    stadsdelen vid explosionen.
    The IDF on Sunday assassinated another Hamas leader, Mohammed al-Ghoul, who was responsible for transferring funds to the terrorist organization and was the "Justice Minister" in the Hamas government.
    The pinpoint airstrike in northern Gaza took out al-Ghoul, confirmed the IDF. Palestinian Arab reports have confirmed the appraisal, saying al-Ghoul was killed in an airstrike on his car.
    In pictures circulating in the Arab reports of al-Ghoul's ruined car the Hamas leader's body can clearly be seen. Likewise, numerous wads of US dollars can be seen inside the burning car, money that presumably was on its way to fund terror attacks.
    IDF spokesperson Major Arye Shalicar told AFP that al-Ghoul "was an important Hamas actor who dealt with transferring funds to build terror infrastructure in Gaza, such as tunnels, and was a key target.

    Arutz Sheva
    Jewish Press
    Apropå terrorfinansiering:
    Alms of Jihad
    (OBS det tar några minuter att ladda ned boken,
    men det är det värt...)

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    lördag, augusti 23, 2014


    Raket var tionde minut...

    En liten komplettering:
    Since midnight, Gaza terrorists have fired 41 rockets
    at Israel. 525 rockets have been fired since the last
    ceasefire was broken by Hamas.
    on northern Israel; two rockets fired from Gaza land in Beersheba,
    one lightly injures two people, destroys car.
    Rocket sirens blare in Rishon Lezion, Holon, Yehud,
    Givatayim, Bat Yam and other towns; explosion
    heard in sky above Tel Aviv but siren does not
    sound in city.
    Gaza rocket hits car in Beersheba;
    projectile fired from Lebanon explodes in Upper Galilee
    Israeli airstrike collapses Gaza apartment tower following
    massive rocket barrage on south, center; 3 killed in strike
    on car in central Gaza; Hamas executes 4 more ‘collaborators’;
    families leave southern towns; Hollywood stars take on Hamas

    Hamas terrorists stationed near a school
    in Gaza fired a mortar yesterday that killed
    4-year-old Daniel Tragerman. 


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